Top 10 Best April Fools Pranks 2016

    Hello and welcome back to another DailyTop10s Top 10 Video. Today we’re taking a look back at the best April Fools of 2016, when Donald Trump continued with the longest running April Fools of all time, and when some big news outlets also got in on the act. 10. Professor Green Tea Rap star Professor […]

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      Top 10 Creepy Archaeological Discoveries

      If you go around digging up history, with no respect for the dead or for ancient curses, you’re going to uncover some pretty terrifying shit. Such is the case with the entries in this video, which shows you some of the reasons that archaeologists around the globe struggle to sleep at night. Archaeology is hardy […]


        THANK YOU! – 1st Birthday

        TODAY WE ARE OFFICIALLY 1 YEAR OLD! We have come a long way in the space of 365 days! And we cannot wait for the next. With more finances to create more entertainment, a new channel which will be announced in the coming months and best of all we have YOU. Without you it wouldn’t […]