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10 Awkward Families You Won’t Believe Actually Exist


All families have problems, but some families have a little more going on than the occasional alcoholic, the odd fisticuff and an underage pregnancy or two.

This list opened our eyes, and in the case of number 10, it was difficult to peel those eyes away from the screen. We have found our new favorite family. We’re not sure which member of this family is our favorite, and we’re not sure it matters. We’ll take the one with the boobs.

There is also a giant tit in number 9. If our memory of recent events holds up, then this is the guy who caused a scene after it was revealed he had a thing for his sisters when he was younger, and that “thing” was usually in his hand as he stared at them in the shower. He was also found to have an account on the illicit affair website Ashley Madison, which begs the question, does he have more kids out there? On top of the 19 that he has with his wife, a woman whose vagina must look like the entrance to the Channel Tunnel, are there a few bastards out there?

It’s probably a good thing that he’s a family man, because if that’s the case, then only God can help him. The same applies to the odd couple at number 8, who are taking incest to a whole new and disgusting level. There is so much wrong with this that we’re not even sure where to begin, so if you need us, we’ll be staring at the boob family again.

Contribution by Eli Yance.


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