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10 Laws You Could Be Breaking Right Now


The legal system was designed to keep us all in check and to establish some degree of right and wrong in society. But it’s far from perfect. You might think that you have a good grasp of right and wrong, and that that understanding alone is enough to tell you when you are doing something that could be illegal.

However, the legal system is a convoluted, confusing mess at the best of times, and there are many ways that you could be breaking the law without even realizing it.

This video shows you 10 of these ways, some of which will come as a surprise. Truth be told, there are a number of entries that you probably knew were illegal, and if you didn’t then there’s a good chance that you’re an imbecile (sorry to have to break it to you like this). This includes downloading copyrighted music and films. There are many who assume that the only negative to doing this is that your computer will be full of spyware and you may stumble across some nasty porn in the process, porn that will likely scar you forever, but it’s actually highly illegal and you could get into serious trouble if you upload or download it.

The same goes for people who perform songs that they do not own, which technically means that you could be breaking the law by singing karaoke, and not just because you’re causing a public nuisance.

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