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10 Shocking Things Removed From Humans


Hello and welcome back to another DailyTop10s Top 10 Video. Today we’re digging deep, very deep, and discovering some of the most disturbing things doctors have removed from adventurous, unlucky or downright stupid humans.

10. Maggots
An Indian man who had been suffering from pains in his ear, decided that he needed to get himself checked out at the hospital. Assuming that he would be given drops and sent on his way, the man was horrified to find that there were hundreds of larvae living inside his ear.

Doctors believe that a fly had flown into his ear and had basically decided to set up home. Putting up drapes, buying some of those pointless scatter cushions, giving birth to hundreds of hell-spawn. You know how it is.

The larvae were actually feeding on his flesh and if they had not been removed, they could have eaten through to his brain.

9. John Matthews
In 2010, Iowa resident John Matthews was complaining of problematic floaters. He was seeing strange dark spots, and these were limiting his sight and causing blurred vision. John did what most men would do, he shrugged it off, hoped it would get better on its own and continued on with his life.

But as things continued to get worse, he decided it was time to see a doctor. And it’s a good thing he did, because John might not have been seeing anything or anyone if he had left it any longer.

The doctor discovered that he had parasitic worms living in his eye and feeding off his retina, blinding him one bite at a time.

8. Kidney Worms
This story might make you think twice about eating sushi. Because in 2014, a women from the Czech Republic was admitted to hospital complaining of pains in her abdomen and blood in her urine, only for doctors to discover that there were two worms, around 4 inches in length, living inside her kidney and feeding off the flesh.

If doctors had not acted straight away, she may have lost the function of her kidneys and ultimately lost her life, and all because she ate some fish that had not been properly cooked.

7. Bug Head
In 2007, a Colorado local had a problem with an itchy, flaky scalp, and one that even Head and Shoulders couldn’t cure.

In fact, it seemed that the more remedies he tried, the worse the problem became. He tried all sorts of creams, ointments and shampoos, and then, suspecting that he might be allergic to something and that he was only making things worse, he went to see a doctor.

Only then was it discovered that he had several botfly maggots living in his scalp, each one of which was about the size of a penny.

6. Ronan Svedan
Ronan Svedan had lived a long life, and he hadn’t always been kind to his body. So, when he developed a cough that refused to go away, he feared for the worst. But after giving Ronan an X-Ray doctors discovered that there was actually a pea plant growing in his lungs.

Ronan had been eating peas and had accidentally inhaled a germinated seed, which had somehow taken root in his lungs.

We can’t even get peas to grow in our garden and this guy has them growing in his lungs. Lucky buggar. I bet he can’t wait for the harvest.

5. Artyom Sidorkin
To make us feel even worse about our gardening skills, Artyom Sidorkin took Ronan Svedan’s pea plant and raised him a fir tree. Artyom Sidorkin is Russian, because of course he is, and doctors believe he may have inhaled a seed when on training missions with the Russian army in the woods.

28-year-old Artyom Sidorkin was quite relieved with the outcome, as he and his doctors had initially suspected him to have a tumour, and not until they operated on him and removed a 2 inch long fir tree, did they realise their mistake.

4. Hendrik Helmer
When Hendrik Helmer had a strange pain in his ear, he didn’t dismiss it as a simple infection and immediately thought there was a spider in there. An an Australian, this was probably a natural conclusion to make, seeing as this sort of ungodly shit probably happens every day Down Under.

However, Helmer discovered that it was actually a cockroach, which would be a very small relief for some, and a pants-shitting moment for others. Helmer didn’t seem at all bothered and tried to suck it out with a vacuum, before deciding that he should probably let a doctor look at it.

After the cockroach was removed, Helmer went back to battling alligators, fighting swarms of insects and cage-fighting giant spiders. Typical Aussie stuff, really.

3. Burrowing Spider
Arachnophobic’s might want to avert their eyes, clamp their hands over their ears and do the “Nah, Nah Nah, I’m not listening” dance for a few seconds, because this is going to get freaky.

Dylan Maxwell spent some time on the island of Bali, and when he returned he noticed that he had a red mark from the bottom to the middle of his torso. As an Aussie, Maxwell was presumably used to being bitten by freaky insects, so he casually took himself to the hospital to have it checked out.

That’s when he discovered that a spider had burrowed through his skin and had lived there for a few days, cutting a path through his body before dying under his flesh.

2. A Twin
Sanju Bhagat was getting fatter and fatter, and it seemed that regardless of what he ate or how much he exercised, his gut continued to grow. In 1999, when this growth began to look like a possible tumour in his stomach, he went to see a doctor.

After a lot of head scratching and what we assume were a number of fat jokes, surgeons discovered that Bhagat’s growth was caused by a unformed twin living in his body and feeding off of him. When they removed this deformed twin they discovered that it had even developed arms and feet.

1. Penis Fish
Over the past few years, beauty salons have been awash with a treatment that involves putting your feet into a bowl of little fish and waiting for them to nibble the dead skin off your feet like baby piranhas on a diet.

But in 2011, a Chinese man went one step further and decided to have a bath with those little fish. It seemed like a good idea in principle, and it continued to seem like a good idea, right until one of those little fish swam through his urethra and entered his bladder.

Following an operation to extract the adventurous fish, doctors were shocked to discover that it was 6 inches long.

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