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10 Soda Can Life Hacks


Ever since we stole a friend’s can of beer and quickly drank it, only to discover that he had been using that can to deposit his fag ends, and that the liquid inside was not beer, but a combination of backwash and spit, we haven’t been able to look at cans without vomiting.

And that is a huge shame, because as the CrazyRussianHacker informs us in this video, a simple can can go a long way….

There are 10 can “hacks” here, all explained in full, and you just need a can and some simple tools to perform them.

This video includes a mixture of survival hacks and lifestyle hacks, all based around aluminum cans. Our favorite Russian shows you how to use them to create everything from make-shift campfires to candle holders and more. Our personal favorite is the popcorn maker, which is probably one of the greatest things we have seen. Ever. We’re not sure how healthy or tasty that popcorn will be, but for a food that is often coated in salt, sugar and synthetic butter, health isn’t very high on the agenda anyway.

Not included in this video is the fact that you can also use cans to make pipes for smoking…tobacco-style products. But you didn’t hear that from us. 

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