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1969 Vietnam Meal Combat Rations


In this video a brave individual eats a ration pack that is nearly 50 years old, after which we assume he crossed his fingers, prayed to God and hoped he would still be in control and in possession of his innards by the end of the day.

Dubbed the C-Ration (because anything sounds better than “Food Block”) this ration was handed out to soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War. It didn’t just contain food, and was also packed with everything from cigarettes to coffee, and to top it off, there was an “interdental stimulator”. Also known as a toothpick.

As we discover during the unboxing, it also comes complete with black tar, which looks as appetizing as the rest of the “food”.

This is a complete meal, with ground “meat”, spaghetti, some cheese spread, a dessert and some coffee to wash it all down. It almost makes you envious of the US soldiers who fought in the Vietnam war, were it not for the bombs, the disembowelment and the eternal pain and horror, that is.

We’re joking of course. This is nasty. You couldn’t have paid us enough to eat this when it was first made, let alone after it has sat on a shelf for half a century. In fact, we’d rather eat the toothpick. But this guy is clearly a veteran of eating decades-old food, as evidenced by the fact that he seems to be an expert in 1960s cheese.

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