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Friday the 13th: The Game – Jason Closes the Door on a Victim


At the time of writing, this game is not yet released. So, if you’re from the future (football results, please) then you might be lucky enough to own a copy already. If you don’t, then what the hell is wrong with you?

This game is an orgasm for horror fans everywhere, as it lets you assume the role of Jason Voorhies, the best hockey goalkeeper in the world. You can also assume the role of his victim, but we have to question your psychology if you are given the chance to play an immortal killing machine, and you choose to play one of his helpless, screaming victims instead.

Still, right now, we’d happily play the most annoying victim in the world if it meant we could get our hands on a copy of this game. This is going to be a huge survival horror game that crosses into the online, multiplayer world, promising some amazing things. If it delivers on any of those promises, then this could be one of the best film-to-video-game adaptations ever.

This video shows a particularly brutal scene where Jason improvises a kill by using a wooden door. If this doesn’t make you want to play the game, then nothing will. And if you’re not old enough to play it, then, well, just make sure your parents don’t catch you.

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