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A Funny Owns and Cute Owls Compilation


Owls are strange creatures, and the strangest thing about them is that everyone thinks they are cute.

We’re not completely soulless and we’re not total bastards (although we are bastards) so we can acknowledge that these animals are cute, to a degree. However, let’s look at the facts. Owls can rotate their heads 360 degrees, just like the projectile vomiting demon-bitch from The Exorcist. They are predators, and ones that hunt unseen, mostly at night. They have a beak that can take your finger clean-off, and eyes that can pinpoint a mouse from hundreds of feet away, and see into your soul.

We may have made that last bit up, but you take one look into those bulging orbs and tell us that’s not true.

Owls are popular with Harry Potter fans, bird lovers and slaves who have succumb to the owl race. But people need to wake up and realize that these creatures are incredibly deadly and evil, because if we don’t then we could have a Planet of the Owls scenario on our hands.

All of the owls in these videos are clearly just messing with their owners, putting up with their shit just because they know that in a few years, their race will be superior and they can exact revenge for every toy mouse, every cuddle and every hairdryer.

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