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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Katherine Heigl Anymore?


Katherine Heigl, also known as “that Knocked-Up actress with the name you can’t pronounce” was once one of the darlings of Hollywood. She was everywhere for a couple of years and it looked like she had a long and bright future ahead of her. She could have become the female Ryan Reynolds, but then she disappeared, and she doesn’t play any significant role in Hollywood these days.

In this video, you will learn just why that is and what led to her downfall. The Ryan Reynolds comparison is actually quite apt. Ryan had huge issues when filming Blade 3, one of the films that launched his career. He had problems with a lazy and uncommitted Wesley Snipes and didn’t have the best experience. However, he sucked-it-up, kept it to himself for a few years and didn’t make it public when the film was still being promoted. Katherine, on the other hand, bitched about her experiences on Knocked-Up while the film was still being promoted, and in doing so she seemingly angered a lot of important directors, producers and actors.

You only need to look at Seth Rogen to see just how far she could have come. They both could have emerged from the success of this film like Di Caprio and Winslet emerged from the success of Titanic. But instead, Rogen went on to be a huge star and a role model to stoners everywhere, while Heigl’s “known for” list on IMDB doesn’t include anything from the past 6 years, and her recent productions include a spattering of TV movies and flops.

Contribution by Eli Yance


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