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Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Tobey Maguire Anymore


Tobey Maguire is like a young Keanu Reeves. He’s wooden and limited, but somehow he still gets the job done. Unlike Keanu, he’s also a little forgettable, even though he was a star player in one of the biggest superhero franchises of recent years. But as you will learn from this video, that might have actually been the series that ended his career. It was a successful series (for the most part at least), but it seems that even the owners want to do all they can to forget it, which is why they launched yet another Spiderman franchise just a few years later.

That might actually have a lot to do with Spiderman 3, and in particular “that dance”. It might also have something to do with the fact that a Spiderman 4 was on the cards, but was quickly quashed. Tobey did star in successful films prior to Spiderman, including the delightful (the first and last time we will ever use that word) Pleasantville, but after Spiderman his big roles were limited to The Great Gatsby.

That was a big film by all accounts, and 2014’s Pawn Sacrifice was also well received by critics, but that’s all. There are no more big hits, no major roles. Between 2007 and now, Tobey Maguire’s career as an actor has been limited to say the least.

It’s not all bad news and he has been keeping himself busy, as you will learn in this video. But it could be sometime before we see this baby-faced star on the big screen again.

Contribution by Eli Yance


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