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How to Live on $3 a Day 1


In this video, some ambitious guys decide to budget on just $1 per meal, eating three meals per day at a cost of $3 in total.

There are many similar programs and experiments, some of which aim to show just how hard it is for people on food stamps/benefits to eat well for so little, while others just aim to make a point that they ultimately fail to make (Gwyneth Paltrow anyone?)

This is in the first category and is a great video. They actually make some fantastic looking food, which is extraordinary when you consider how little they are spending. And it makes us wonder why we’re paying 10x more to eat food that looks like this food’s vomit.

For those of you who haven’t done the math, that’s just $21 a week, or just over $1,000 a year. A budget that some families blow on food in a single month.

This video is actually the first day of this experience, and as it began in late 2015, there are plenty of other days to enjoy. Potentially.

We don’t want to spoil it for you by telling how far they went with this experiment, and we’re also not really sure (which is the real reason we’re not telling you). Still, we did watch the first few videos of this series and would recommend you do the same. It’s obviously not easy to survive on just $3 a day, so they get very creative as they go on, and discover a few surprising things.

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