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My “Smart Drugs” Nightmare


A few years ago, news of Modafinil spread, with many calling it a “wonder drug”. If you believed what everyone was saying, it was a drug that could improve productivity, a drug that could reduce the need for sleep without making you tired the following day. It was the perfect drug in the eyes of many. But you only need to look back at the early days of all drugs, including the likes of Heroin, to realize that similar things were said about them. In fact, not many years ago Tramadol was being touted as the only non-addictive opiate painkiller on the market, only for people to discover it was even more addictive than codeine.

And such is the case with Modafinil. This drug was initially prescribed for narcolepsy, but has since become more common with students looking to study through the night, because the faster they can make it through their coursework, the better they will do on their exam and the sooner they will realize that all of that was pointless anyway and now they’ll need to apply for a job at McDonalds.

Yes it does make lazy people productive, but it might not be the wonder drug that many once claimed it to be. Created by the BBC, this video is filmed from the perspective of a first-time user of this drug, and it also includes experiences of regular users, as well as reports from scientists who have a few words of warning.

It’s a very mixed bag, with some positives and many negatives, but if you’re looking for something to get you off your ass and to wean you off your Candy Crush addiction, this is probably not the way to do it.

Contribution by Eli Yance.


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