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Top 10 Animal Attacks on People


Hello and welcome back to another DailyTop10s Top 10 Video. This time we have something for the over 18s only. And before you get your hopes up, it’s not porn.

10. Horse Attack

This man seems very happy with himself to begin with. He’s clearly won the award for sitting on top of a horse and looking incredibly Mexican. But the horse isn’t as happy as he is, and is prepared to sacrifice itself in order to teach this grinning simpleton a lesson.

9. Bull Attack

Ah bullfighting. It’s majestic, it’s beautiful, it’s — holy shit, was he just sodomised by a horn?

This is one of the few times when we actually side with the animal. If you’re going to make a living out of taunting and then killing an animal, you can’t complain when he fights back and mauls you a little. The bull was probably killed after this, whereas the bullfighter simply lost the ability to take a dump without unleashing a blood curdling scream.

8. Shark Attack

They say that you have more chance of dying from a falling coconut or a Champagne cork than you have of being killed by a shark, but your chances increase significantly if you’re standing in the middle of a pool of sharks, as this documentary crew were.

The sharks attacked the shark expert and not the presenter or the crew, so all that stuff about smelling fear was clearly bollocks. Or was that bears?

Speaking of which…

7. Bear Attack

This video begins with five men taunting a bear cub, laughing as their dog chases it and is then chased. The scene changes a little when the mother bear comes into shot, followed by a spine-tingling moment as she charges right at them. The video cuts out, but this story didn’t end well for them as three of them were mauled to death, along with the dog.

6. Elephant Attack

An elephant never forgets, so we can only assume this guy did something horrible to it when it was younger. In which case, we’re kinda on the elephant’s side, but only because it’s big, strong and very, very angry, as this guy discovers much to his peril in this brief but disturbing clip.

5. Tiger Attack

In this clip, Indian rangers were hoping to capture a tiger, not realising she was tracking and preparing to hunt them. In a flash the tiger springs from the tall grass, sprints toward the men and leaps through the air. The cunning, the speed and the power of these animals is all displayed in a matter of seconds, and it’s terrifying to watch.

4. Whale Attack

As the saying goes, pride comes before a fall. This man was clearly very proud of finding a pebble or something equally pointless on the beach, just a few seconds before he was sideswiped by a whale. You don’t see that every day.

3. Dog Attack

If your dogs are anything like ours, they will bark seven shades of shit at the postman, but will cuddle up to any actual intruder and beg for a treat from a burglar. Clearly our dogs are only good for guarding the fridge and destroying bills, but these dogs are different beasts altogether and they could teach our drooling muppets a thing or two.

2. Tiger Attack 2

This clip takes place in the tiger’s enclosure as one hopeless man cowers helplessly. If you have a cat you may recognise the pawing behaviour as the animal plays with its prey, but domestic cats would definitely not do what this tiger does next. This man broke two rules: do not enter the enclosure and do not feed the animals.

1. Bird Attack

This video looks fairly harmless at first. The eagle flies, the eagles swoops, the eagle captures a small animal and prepares to take it back to its nest. Except, that’s no animal. That hunk of living meat is a small child. And the calm “Oh shit” reaction is possibly the most Russian thing in history.

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Top 10 Animal Attacks on People
Top 10 Animal Attacks on People

We have all had a bad experiance with an animal, but these people had a bit worse than that and in fact had a horrible experiance. Here is our countdown of the Top 10 Animal Attacks on people.


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