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Top 10 Best April Fools Pranks 2016


Hello and welcome back to another DailyTop10s Top 10 Video. Today we’re taking a look back at the best April Fools of 2016, when Donald Trump continued with the longest running April Fools of all time, and when some big news outlets also got in on the act.

10. Professor Green Tea
Rap star Professor Green announced on Twitter that he had teamed up with tea company PG Tips and would be changing his name to Professor Green Tea. after which thousands of fans rolled their eyes and a small minority believed every word and then proceeded to tell their friends. Friends who probably no longer speak to them.

9. Under Sand Heating
A local newspaper in Falmouth announced that Gyllyngvase Beach, a nearby tourist attraction, was having under-sand heating installed. According to the local rag, this would involve 2 commercial boilers, over 2 dozen heaters and a network of pipes, with the goal of keeping the beach warm throughout the year and ensuring tourists flocked to Falmouth for 365 days of warmth, and not the usual 2 weeks provided by British summertime.

8. Left-Handed Sandwiches
There are left-handed versions of many things, and a newspaper in Bolton, England, tried to fool the country into believing that a local bakery had created a sandwich just for left-handed people. This sandwich was created to avoid the “pitfalls of living in a right-handed world”.

7. Censor Strips
Although she is not best known for her humour, her intelligence, or anything else for that matter, Kim Kardashian surprised everyone on April Fools day with a decent joke. She announced that she was releasing black stickers shaped like censor bars so that women the world over could emulate her topless photos. Also known as her career.

6. Clean Pools 
Sweden’s Boras Tidning reported that a new system aimed at improving public hygiene would be introduced into swimming pools. This system was apparently created to detect when someone hadn’t showered properly before getting into the pool, sounding an alarm and singling out the dirty perpetrator.

5. Bring Back VHS
The BBC got in on the act this April Fool’s Day when they announced they would be releasing all of their programs on VHS. This technological breakthrough didn’t fool many, but it did raise a few eyebrows among the younger generation while many older people breathed a sigh of relief and prepared to catch up on 10 years of lost television.

4. 10 Miles per Hour
Most April Fool’s jokes are so blatantly fake they only serve to raise a few eyebrows and earn a few laughs. But when a newspaper in Bristol, England, told locals that the speed limits were being cut to 10 miles per hour, thousands believed them. The locals were already complaining that the 20 mile per hour limits were too low, so this news sent a few blood pressures through the roof.

3. Kids Class
Virgin owner Richard Branson likes good practical joke, so he jumped at the chance to announce a new feature called Kids Class to all Virgin Australia flights. In this class, kids are encouraged to be kids, kicking the backs of chairs and playing hopscotch down the aisle.

If it can segregate the kids from the real humans, keeping them out of sight and out of mind, we think this is actually a good idea.

2. H&M
Earlier on in the year Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg posted a picture of his wardrobe, showing row upon row of grey shirts and explaining why he dresses in the same clothes day after day. H&M took inspiration from this and announced the launch of the “Zuckerberg Collection” on April Fool’s Day, a collection that consisted of seven grey t-shirts and a pair of jeans.

1. Google Mic Drop
The most shocking April Fools came from Google, who dropped the ball when introducing a “drop the mic” feature. This allowed you to add a GIF of a Minion dropping the mic to your emails, and while Google thought it would be hilarious, many users did not. There are several reports of Gmail users sending emails to bosses and clients, only to accidentally hit the “drop the mic” feature, losing money, respect and even their jobs as a result.

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