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Top 10 Biggest Food Challenges


Hello and welcome back to another DailyTop10s Top 10 Video. Today we’re looking at food challenges, because apparently some people still haven’t grown out of playing with their food.

10. Saltine Challenge
Saltine crackers, soda crackers or simply “crackers”, are dry, salted squares of cardboard/food. This challenge actually existed way before Youtube and the age of the viral imbecile. It consists of eating at least six of these crackers one after the other, without drinking any liquids.

Sound easy? Well, it’s not. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a challenge. These crackers starve the mouth of moisture, making it incredibly difficult to swallow and to finish. Your salvia will regenerate, which is why the challenge often comes with a time limit.

9. Milk Chugging/Gallon Challenge
This challenge is pretty simple. The goal is to drink a gallon of milk (which is about 4 litres in real money) in a set time period. And, of course, you have to avoid unleashing an ungodly torrent of creamy vomit in the process, which is much harder than it sounds.

According to Wikipedia, which has not let us down to date, the fist instance of this challenge taking place was in 1997. But once Youtube got hold of it, it blossomed and stomachs worldwide were tested to capacity. With many challengers putting multicoloured die into the milk to create rainbow vomit.

8. Banana and Sprite Challenge
According to the infinite wisdom of the internet, the body can not digest bananas and Sprite at the same time. Why, we’re not so sure, but this is about as legitimate as the time Kanye West announced that he was broke. The challenge involves eating two bananas and then drinking varying quantities of Sprite in quick succession, preferably without vomiting.

Many believe that the vomiting that inevitably results is because of a chemical reaction, but it’s just from eating and drinking too quickly.

7. Chilli Challenge
This is actually a series of challenges, with different rules, timeframes and even chillies. The basic premise is that you eat an ass-burningly hot chilli in one go, and then try you best to stop your head from exploding and your brains from leaking out of your arsehole. The hotter the chilli, the harder this challenge is and the more interesting it is to watch.

6. Food Stamp Challenge
This challenge doesn’t include as much vomiting as many of the other entires on this list, and the goal is simply to spend no more than about $200 a month on food, which is roughly what someone on food stamps would get. Religious groups have popularised this challenge and it was also taken by Gwyneth Paltrow, who told everyone that it was still possible to eat healthily on $200 a month, before failing completely in just a few days and being forced to eat her words, as well as whatever other green shit she’s scoffing these days.

5. Takis Fuego Challenge
Takis are crisps, or “chips” to our American cousins. They are super hot, and are often mixed with Flaming Hot Cheetos, with the challenger eating two big bags at once.

These crisps are incredibly hot, and judging by their bright red appearance, they may also be radioactive. The more you eat, the harder it becomes, as the salt and flavouring grates the skin on your tongue, your lips and in your mouth, allowing the heat, salt and citric acid to penetrate deeper.

The rules of the challenge specifies that you have to eat two bags in 12 minutes.

4. One Bite Challenge
The one bite challenge has one simple rule: eat as much as you can in a single bite. You need to have a very large mouth, an even larger appetite and preferably someone on standby who can perform the Heimlich Manoeuvre. One of the most popular videos of this challenge is of a man who asks the question, “Can I eat 4 burgers in one bite?” before spending the next few minutes showing us that no, he can not.

3. Wasabi Challenge
It was only a matter of time before wasabi became a food challenge. It’s hot, it’s easy to eat a lot of it, and it makes you feel like you’ve just inhaled sulphur. Wasabi has a different heat to chilli and attacks the back of your throat, before burning its way through your senses.

NigaHiga tried this challenge in one of his popular “I Dare You” videos, and he actually fared very well. Similar challenges involve the use of horseradish and English mustard, two ingredients that burn in a similar way to wasabi.

2. Neknominate
What do you get when you combine irresponsible idiots with a lot of alcohol and the need for attention? Neknominate. So-called because you are supposed to “neck” a drink and then nominate someone else, this trend caused many deaths and exposed the world to an unparalleled level of idiocy. Many users dropped dead from ingesting litres of high-strength alcohol in a matter of seconds, others thought it would be funny to drink live goldfish.

It was not funny, and the only downside to this story is that the ones who drank the living animals and the ones who died, are not the same.

1. Cinnamon Challenge
The cinnamon challenge, strangely enough, involves eating a lot of cinnamon. This is a spice, but it’s not particularly hot. It is mildly unpleasant in large doses, but the reason this constitutes a challenge is because cinnamon is not water soluble, it will not dissolve in your mouth like. The rules of the challenge is to eat a teaspoon of this spice in 60 seconds without drinking any water and presumably, without choking or dying.

Because in case it wasn’t obvious, if you die, you lose. You’re also dead. Which is just as bad, if not worse.

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