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Top 10 Creepy Archaeological Discoveries


If you go around digging up history, with no respect for the dead or for ancient curses, you’re going to uncover some pretty terrifying shit. Such is the case with the entries in this video, which shows you some of the reasons that archaeologists around the globe struggle to sleep at night.

Archaeology is hardy the most exciting job in the world. Hollywood makes it look more interesting than it actually is, but your typical archaeologist is less about whips, fedoras and adventures with beautiful women and small Asian boys, and more about dirt, brushes and boredom. Still, every now and then it throws up a few horrors, the sort of pants-shitting terrors that are typically reserved for Indiana Jones and Co.

Videos like this often contain stories and facts you have seen countless times before, but some of these were new to us, so we have the Top10Archive to thank for cramming even more info into our overloaded brains. It’s channels like this that are the reason we’re no fun at parties.

Number 1 deserves its position at the top of this list, but number 2 comes pretty close. The other entries are just as disturbing as well though.

It almost makes you want to get involved with archaeology. Almost. But not quite.

Contribution by Eli Yance.


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