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Top 10 Demolitions Gone Wrong


Here are the top 10 Demolitions Gone Wrong, or should we say, 10 perfect examples of how not to demolish a building/fail completely.

Looking for something to laugh at? Well these demolition companies are defiantly a laugh! From not even moving the building, to falling the wrong way, to even taking out more buildings than the one they were meant to knock down!

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10. Springfield Power Station, Idaho, USA
9. Location Unknown
8. Russia
7. Dutch Tower, Denmark
6. Sioux Feed Mill, South Dakota, USA
5. Royal Canberra Hospital
4. Cankiri, Turkey
3. London, England
2. Liuzhou, China
1. Just Funny!

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10. Demolition Fail Compilation, best demolition failures
Watch Full Here!

9. Demolition gone wrong ( buildings )
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8. Fail Building Demolition
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7. Philips tower implode FAIL
Watch Full Here!

6. failed building demolition
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5. Australia Implosion Fail Demolition expert Building leaning to one side
Watch Full Here!

4. Demolition Gone Wrong
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3. Demolition Goes Wrong
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2. Chinese Demolition Fail
Watch Full Here!

1. Demolition Fail Compilation, best demolition failures
Watch Full Here!

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