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Top 10 Items Found up Someones Arse


Hello and welcome back to another DailyTop10s Top 10 Video. Today we’re going to raise a question that has tormented mankind since the dawn of time. “What is it, and can I jam it up my arse?”

10. Lightbulb
This is what happens when your arse has an amazing idea. Or so we like to think.

It’s not easy getting a lightbulb up your arse without breaking it, so this is impressive. We would give this guy a medal, but he’d only shove that up his arse as well.

9. A Pint Glass
Let’s be honest, we’ve all stolen pint glasses from pubs, and those who haven’t, have definitely thought about it. You can usually sneak it up your jumper or drop it into a bag, but this pint glass thief had other things on this mind, and probably a few more things up his arse as well.

8. Spray Paint
This could have been a desperate attempt to hide a can of spray paint from the police. Maybe this is how Banksy has remained undetected for so long. Maybe they were just horny and desperate and grabbed the thing that looked most like a dildo.

7. Peanut Butter Jar
Sick of your roommates stealing your peanut butter? Simply shove it up your arse, making sure the top is facing down. That way, the next time you want a peanut butter sandwich, you’re just one satisfying strain away.

6. Bottle
The most interesting thing about this picture is not the bottle, but the fact that the hip is fake and that the patient is probably very old. Somehow, that makes things much worse. And now we can’t help but wonder if our grandparents were just as kinky and messed up.

5. Buzz Lightyear
You have to question why this person owned a Buzz Lightyear figure. It was most likely owned by his kid, a kid who probably begged for the toy back, not realising that it had seen things that no toy should ever see. After this, Buzz was never the same again.

4. Dildo and Tongs
Fearing the inevitable embarrassment that results from telling doctors you have a giant dildo stuck up your arse, this patient tried to remove said dildo by using tongs. Only to get those tongs stuck as well.

3. Weapons
Prisoners have been known to smuggle a multitude of weapons up their arses, and the only thing worse than being stabbed by a rusty shank, is being stabbed by an arse shank. Everything from knives to needles and screwdrivers have been found inside anal cavities, and there are also reports of ammunition being smuggled this way.

2. A Live Shell
Incase you didn’t believe us when we said that some people are dumb enough to shove ammunition up their arses, here is a live shell. Up someone’s arse. There are no words for this, except, “Holy shit, what were you thinking?”

1. House Key
At some point, we’ve all asked ourselves, our friends or our significant other, “Where did I put the keys?” And almost never is the answer, ‘Oh, that’s right, I jammed them up my arse”.

Then again, maybe they just thought this was the safest place to keep them.

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