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Video: Top 10 Luckiest People


Hello and welcome back to another DailyTop10s Top 10 Video. Today we’re looking at ten lucky bastards who, as our foul-mouthed grandmother used to say, could fall into a bucket of shit and still come out smelling of roses.

10. Maarten de Jonge
Maarten de Jonge is a Dutch cyclist who very nearly met his end on the MH370 flight, which disappeared without a trace. Having narrowly escaped death, just 4 months later Maarten de Jonge booked a seat on MH17 from Amsterdam — also known as the plane that was blown to shit over Russia — only to reschedule at the last moment and side-step the bony hand of Death for a second time.

If Final Destination has taught us anything it’s that there is now one pissed-off Grim Reaper trailing Maarten de Jonge around, and he won’t rest until he has died in some absurdly brutal way.

9. Nichiren
Nichiren was a 12th century monk who survived a beheading. And before you picture a man walking around with his head dangling from his neck, the sword never made contact with his skin. In fact, it didn’t come close, because as soon as the executioner raised the weapon above his head, he was struck by lightning and died.

In an era where everything was either the work of God, the devil or fairies, this was seen as an omen, and Nichiren was released, with his head still firmly attached to his neck.

8. Eduardo Leite
After an iron bar fell five floors, pierced through his hard-hat and then his skull, construction worker Eduardo Leite didn’t feel very lucky. Or healthy. But the fact that he was still breathing meant that Lady Luck was definitely smiling down on Leite.

The Brazilian spent several hours in surgery, and while he could have very easily have lost his life and should have at least lost his sight, Leite walked away from this incident with nothing more than a headache.

7. Casey Wagner
If you didn’t think that lightning could strike twice, then spare a thought for Casey Wagner, who must have really pissed off Zeus.

Wagner went for a run, and when he heard a storm coming, he ran for cover underneath a tree, because apparently he knows nothing about lightning or trees.

He was hit by a bolt that he actually saw coming, but as he was being electrocuted and fried to a crisp, another bolt struck and actually seemed to shock him back to life.

6. Joan R. Ginther
Your chances of winning the lottery are pretty slim, to say the least. But no one told Joan R. Ginther that.

This lucky gambler has won the lottery a staggering 4 times, the first of which was over $5 million dollars. In fact, all of her successes were in the millions of dollars, and her combined wins totalled more than $20 million over the course of a few years.

They say that you have more chance of becoming US president than winning the lottery, so we think it’s about time Ginther ran for office.

5. Juliane Koepcke
Most people actually survive plane crashes, but only because most plane crashes are minor, occurring during take-off or landing. That certainly wasn’t the case for Juliane Koepcke though, whose plane burst into flames after it was struck by lightning above Peru.

Not only did she survive the initial blast, but she also survived the 10,000 foot fall that followed. Juliane walked away with just a few minor injuries, which doctors attributed to the fact that she was wearing a seatbelt.

4. Lucky Trainspotter
This guy is arguably one of the luckiest trainspotters alive, and also one of the worst. His passion is spotting trains, so you’d think he would be good at it, but clearly not.

He was just a few inches from being splattered all over the front of one of his beloved trains. Which, if think about it, is probably how all trainspotters want to go.

After this incident, the British Transport Police issued a warning to trainspotters across the country, a warning that essentially consisted of, “Trains are big and fast. Don’t stand in front of them.”

3. Frane Selak
If Maarten de Jonge pissed off Death, then Frane Selak made him wish he’d become a plumber instead. Selak cheated death 7 times. The most astonishing of which came when he flew in a plane for the first time. The plane’s door malfunctioned and swung open, dragging Selak out. He landed on a haystack and was more or less unharmed, but the same couldn’t be said for the other passengers, 19 of which died.

After a life of pissing off the Grim Reaper, a 73-year-old Selak won over $1 million on the lottery, by which point we assume Death had just given up.

2. Tsutomu Yamaguchi
Yamaguchi has the honour of being both the unluckiest person in the world, and the luckiest. Yamaguchi was on a business trip in Hiroshima during August 6th, 1945, also known as the worst time in history to be in Hiroshima.

Yamaguchi was injured when the first bomb was dropped, but he survived. After taking some time to recuperate, Yamaguchi decided to leave the city and return home. Unfortunately for him, he lived in Nagasaki, which meant that he was there when the second bomb dropped on the 9th of August.

Amazingly, Yamaguchi survived both incidents, making him the only person in history to survive two nuclear bombs. Even more amazingly, Yamaguchi lived to the ripe old age of 93, passing away as recently as 2010.

1. Bill Morgan
It takes a lot to be luckier than a man who survived two nuclear bombs, but Yamaguchi’s combination of misfortune and luck has nothing on Aussie Bill Morgan.

Morgan was involved in a car accident, after which his heart stopped and he was technically dead for nearly 15 minutes. He was revived, but he remained on life support for a year, after which he miraculously woke up. Bill immediately tested his luck by buying a scratch card and winning a car worth nearly $30,000. But that’s not all.

Bill’s story was picked up by local new stations who interviewed him, buying him another ticket and asking him to reenact his winning moment live on TV. And re-enact he did, because that card was also a winner, this time to the tune of $250,000.

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