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Top 10 Scary Things Hidden in Pictures


This is the second part in a series that looks at creepy pictures, and is actually the better video of the two. A few of these clips miss the mark completely and there was more consistency in the first video, but there are a couple of gems that make it worthwhile.

If you’re scared easily, then this video might not be for you. It begins with one of the creepiest pictures we have ever seen, one that looks completely harmless at first, until that is, it zooms in. At that point we emitted a scream that we’re not proud of, and we may have also released a little wee. As for number 9, we’re not sure if she is the devil or if she’s just a really bad mother, but she looks rather nonchalant for a woman whose child is clearly being devoured by an evil spirit.

Evil spirits actually makes a few appearances in this video, although some are clearly more obvious than others. We’re convinced that number 6 was nothing more than a smudge or a smear, and that the only reason it appears in this video is because the woman has a sultry look on her face, a naked torso on show and her ass in the air.

Also, we’d just like to post out that this guy is so proud of his own channel that he watches his own videos. His t-shirt even says so. We’re not sure why, I mean after all that editing you’d think he’d be sick of them, but apparently not.

Contribution by Eli Yance.


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