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Top 10 Strangest Deaths


Death is a big, looming, scary-ass beast that will come to us all eventually, no matter how much we try to avoid it. Eat as much kale and drink as much green tea as you want, but eventually the grim reaper will come for you, and if the Discworld novels have taught us anything, it will be both terrifying and hilarious.

It’s inevitable, and the only thing you can do is try to go out in style, or try to go out in a way that won’t make you the posthumous owner of a Darwin Award or the subject of compilations like this one, which looks at some of the strangest deaths in history.

“Strange” isn’t the right world to use for all of these. Some of them are just incredibly unlucky, some are ironic, some of them are just very stupid. We have heard a few of these before, several times in fact. This includes number 9, where this poor idiot was surrounded by exactly the sort of people who could have and perhaps should have helped him, and still managed to meet his maker (who was presumably shaking his head and repeating “Are you kidding me?” over and over).

In this video you will also find someone who was killed by a cock (not that kind of cock) and someone who died in a threesome, presumably being killed by more than one cock (that kind of cock).

For the irony of it alone, number 1 deserves to be where it is, but all of these entries are priceless.

Contribution by Eli Yance.


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