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Uncharted Business – Games are Weird 177


There is nothing funnier than a gaming glitch. Okay, there are many things funnier than a gaming glitch, but for the sake of this article, let’s just pretend. As games get more advanced, with bigger, better graphics, and with more demand on the processor and the memory (forgive us if we’re starting to sound technical, but the truth is we’re just saying random words and hoping it makes sense) they inevitably mess up.

Skyrim was a perfect example of this phenomenon. This was one of the biggest game worlds ever created, which inevitably meant that as soon as it was released, Youtube was awash with videos of flying cows, humping dragons and dancing AI.

Glitches used to be annoying, a sign that the game wasn’t very good. But these days they are embraced and actually get the game a lot of publicity on Youtube videos like this. In fact, it’s probably just a matter of time before developers start intentionally making shit and glitchy games (if Assassins Creed Unity is anything to go by, it has already happened).

The fact that this video is the 177th in a series tells you all you need to know about how common glitches are in modern games, and how much gamers enjoy watching them. This particular video includes games such as Grand Theft Auto 5 (one of the kings of gaming glitches), Total War, uncharted and a few other modern classics.

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